The Great Resignation has impacted the construction industry more severely than many other fields. Nearly 200,000 construction workers quit their jobs each month over the final third of 2021 alone.

To keep up with a booming building market, experts believe the construction industry needs more than a half-million workers to meet the demands just for the remainder of 2022. Many of these roles are management positions, and the lack of strong, qualified leadership makes it difficult to retain other skilled workers.

Retaining high-level talent across multiple positions begins with recruiting critical roles effectively.

Why Employee Retention Matters in Construction

The retention of skilled employees is important to any business, but it’s crucial in an industry coping with simultaneous high demand and high turnover. It’s difficult to maintain vision and momentum when leaders are devoting substantial time and internal resources to recruiting, hiring and training new staff.

Finding the right talent is hard enough in the current labor market. When a construction firm fills a critical position, it’s advantageous for the company to try to keep that talent long term.

One of the benefits of employee retention is that the presence of skilled, long-term employees tends to serve as a beacon for other qualified talent when new roles arise. Higher retention rates also means a company’s workers become more skilled and cultivate institutional knowledge that they can share with new employees.

Retention also boosts productivity and workflow efficiency as less internal training is required and employees build a team rapport. Education and training efforts may then be devoted to reskilling or upskilling current workers, which many construction firms are finding is a more valuable use of resources than engaging in a cycle of recruiting, hiring and training new employees.

Retention also enhances morale and company culture. As more employees work together over longer periods, they’re not just gaining institutional knowledge, but also building bonds with each other, sharing value in their work and representing the company’s brand.

One of the challenges presented by the ongoing labor crisis, of course, is that it’s difficult for construction firms to reach the right job candidates in the first place. This is where an industry-focused recruiting agency offers its partners an opportunity to invest in their futures.

How a Specialized Construction Recruiter can Help

Even construction firms that have internal HR departments sometimes lack the time and resources to successfully fill vital positions long-term. An industry-specific recruiting partner offers more than just an understanding of a construction company’s unique needs and challenges.

An elite recruiter provides access to a broad talent pool. Hiring is a full-time job for recruiters, and a specialized agency should maintain a sizable database of qualified talent and use both its own internal network, online platforms and other resources as necessary to find the best candidates.

A reputable recruiter will also have a comprehensive hiring process in place that includes:

  • Working with the firm to recognize its structure and operations, and identify its specific recruiting needs.
  • Developing job specifications and descriptions for available positions.
  • Sourcing and screening candidates.
  • Selecting and presenting the most qualified finalists.
  • Conducting reference checks, background checks and education verification as applicable.

Furthermore, a specialized recruiter can shorten the time-to-hire. When companies handle hiring internally, the process often takes a month or longer.

A capable recruiter should be able to present viable candidates with long-term promise within 30 days. This speed is especially important in today’s labor market, which favors job seekers.

Partnering with a construction recruiter allows construction companies to focus on their operations and build a strong foundation for their futures.

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