REMOTE VP of Construction - 1139017


·        Bachelor's degree in construction management, engineering, architecture, or other construction related curricula; and 5 years of hands-on construction experience

·        Direct knowledge of a wide variety of building types and systems

·        Extensive knowledge of construction cost, scheduling, line and grade layout, estimating and engineering principles

·        Basic knowledge of construction accounting and cost control procedures and experience

·        Knowledge of various construction materials and methods, their characteristics, installation procedures and tolerances

·        Ability to develop a large industry network and build long term relationships with senior managers in all contiguous organizations external



·        VP of Construction responsible for initiating and/or supplementing efforts, delivery of preconstruction and construction operations on multiple projects, internal staff development, best business practices, and enhancing the public image of our firm

·        In Pre-construction, the VP of Construction should emerge as the key contact for the owner and architect and lead the internal efforts of our firm in the preconstruction phase

·        This includes complete understanding of the contract terms, contributing substantive input into the milestone schedule, assuring that value engineering ideas are constructible, providing operational input in writing, keeping the team on the established path and under control, and provide a pro-active check and balance for the team

·        Protect our financial assets (bill collection, cash flow, preservation of profits)

·        Develop and maintain our people (take controlled risk with staff development)

·        Set performance standards for us through ethical conduct and long-term personal relationships

·        Establish communications between all levels of us and outside parties

·        Enhance the image of us to all internal and external parties

·        Require results and appraise honestly

·        Project a positive image always

·        Coordinate and direct construction functions as they relate to the completion of the projects under the Account Manager’s direction

·        Assure that the master progress schedule incorporates timing of owner’s decisions, availability of design information, procurement of materials and subcontracts, lead times for fabrication, and field installation

·        Establish and maintain effective relationships with Owners and Architects, specifically a) to meet at regular intervals for the purposes of reviewing all aspects of the project; b) to keep the Client advised on the budget status; c) to be available to the owner and architect for advice and counsel

·        Have complete knowledge of the Owner/ our contract and subcontracts

·        Assure that appropriate quality control is established and maintained for the projects

·        Ensure that all drawings and specifications are examined for suspected design deficiencies, impractical details, and code violations and bring these to the attention of the Architect

·        Establish and monitor the administrative procedures for the projects and assure that these procedures conform to our company policy

·        Assure that those individuals whose functions require knowledge and understanding of the contractual requirements receive and understand the information

·        Organize, train, and monitor the field and office staffs of the project

·        Assure that each individual and his/her supervisor are aware of, and have a common understanding of, the individual’s functions and responsibilities

·        Keep informed and assure that all requirements of insurance, safety, labor relations, equal employment opportunity, and taxes are met

·        Assure that applications for payment by the owner are properly submitted, payment promptly received, and funds are properly disbursed

·        Keep upper management informed as to the progress of the projects, financial status, and current owner and architect relations

·        Seek assistance and counsel of our staff personnel when needed

·        When a PM is assigned to a project, most duties of the VP of Construction are delegated to the PM, however the ultimate responsibility remains with the VP of Construction for the overall project or projects

·        Represent himself/herself as the proper role model for others to follow

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