Party Chief - Land Development - 1155718

Essential Job Duties:

  • Supervise and lead in accomplishing the work of assigned survey crewmembers in conducting all types of land surveys that the company offers. This includes, but is not limited to:

a) Construction layout (residential, commercial, utility, roadway, bridges etc.)

b) Boundary, topographic, as-built and route surveys.

c) Establishment of horizontal and vertical control using conventional and GPS technology.

  • Plan, coordinate and implement assigned field crew work efforts.
  • Lead in the performance of the fieldwork. Includes insuring that the angles, distances and information are accurate and conform to regulations and company standards such as the RAI Field Crew Handbook.
  • Derive necessary field computations from the work in process or completed. Record in note form and sketches, a neat and legible representation of the work performed. Download and upload data files from and into Data Collectors.
  • Interpret information and data from deeds, plats and development plans (civil, architectural and structural) accurately to facilitate the accomplishment of fieldwork.
  • Operate all field equipment utilized by RAI in the accomplishment of fieldwork. Perform minor field adjustments and calibration as needed. Ensure that equipment is maintained in good operating condition and that regular routine or special maintenance is performed on a timely basis.
  • Consult and communicate with office personnel to facilitate the completion of the final work product required by the client. Review final drawings to be sure they are an accurate description of the field survey work.
  • Communicate effectively with clients and other non-RAI parties to insure the accurate exchange of information related to field survey projects.
  • Supervise, train and assist in the direction of the work of other party chiefs as circumstances and conditions may warrant.


  • Prefer high school diploma (or equivalent)
  • 2-5 yrs. of survey project management with progressive growth in managerial skills.
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Atlanta, GA
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