Designer III - 1313429


(Job Captain – Assist with some PM responsibilities)

General: Ability to direct and mentor production staff and contribute to project management anddesign tasks.


  1. 3‐6 years
  2. Professional degree in Landscape Architecture (BSLA, BLA, MLA), Architecture (BA, MA), or Planning

Reporting to

1.    Project Manager or PIC

Skill Sets

  1. Fully understands the company’s mission, goals and roles/scopes within projects
  2. Ability to assist with management of small to medium scale projects or portions of larger projects with close support of Project Manager and/or Principal In Charge
  3. Understanding of when support is needed from senior staff and ability to execute and integrate direction/input provided.
  4. Basic understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and deliverables of each team member (consultants, clients, contractors)
  5. Ability to coordinate with consultants and other team members
  6. Demonstrates a complete understanding of the company’s office standards, protocols, and systems relative to graphic/document preparation, file management, and operational systems (time sheets, vacation requests, etc.)
  7. Ability to teach efficient use of CAD and Adobe Suite to junior staff
  8. Fully understands the company’s expectations in the production of high‐quality graphic/illustrative deliverables
  9. Understands preparation requirements for construction documents including a general understanding of specifications
  10. Ability to direct (with the support of senior staff) preparation of conceptual and schematic deliverables as well as construction documents including grading, drainage, lighting, planting, and construction details


  1. Executes Project Management Duties on small to medium projects
  2. Clearly understands contract and project scope, schedule, intent, goals and budget
  3. Work with Principal-In-Charge, Sr. Assocites, Associates, and/or Project Manager in the refinement of design concepts and detail design. Includes refinement of initial design by others as well an initiation of own design concepts and recommendations
  4. Communicate with client’s representative as directed by Project Manager and/or PIC
  5. Coordination with Client’s consultants and agencies
  6. Coordinate with the company’s consultants
  7. Understand the company’s consultant scopes, schedules, deliverables
  8. Participate in site visits and reviews with Project Manager and/or PIC
  9. Direct and participate as necessary in the preparation (formatting and graphic execution) of illustrative deliverables (Adobe Suite and hand drawings)
  10. Support direction and participate as necessary in the preparation (formatting and graphic execution) of Construction documents (CAD drafting)
  11. Direct and participate as necessary in materials and product research
  12. Support meeting deadlines, quality expectations, and budget goals
  13. Set up and Coordination internal and consultant meetings
  14. Willingness and ability to both manage projects and support other PM’s in a production and/or sub-PM as needed

Critical Metrics

  1. Demonstrate Professional Growth
  2. Demonstrates complete understanding of purpose of tasks and project goals
  3. Understanding of Project Management Requirements and strive to increase ability to apply them
  4. Tasks Executed on time
  5. Ensures Quality of Deliverables – checks own and others work
  6. Leadership ‐Fosters Staff Growth/Teaching
  7. Contribution to Office Initiative/s

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