AI Controls Solutions Engineer

As an AI Controls Solutions Engineer, you'll play a critical role in operationalizing and scaling Phaidra's solutions for enterprise data center customers.


You will work closely with the Technical Account Managers (TAMs) and Data Scientists, as the technical experts for Phaidra's customers. Your role is to use Phaidra's platform and tools to put AI into production.

This role can be broken down into two concrete areas of responsibility:

  • As the subject matter expert, (SME), you will use Phaidra’s products and your knowledge of the customers' needs to create a model of the facility for ingestion by the AI Agent. This will require working closely with our AI research team as they create the algorithms that turn sensor data into actionable insights. You will work closely with Phaidra's customers to help them get the most out of our technologies, crisply defining the AI problem (objective function, actions, constraints), understanding the technology's capabilities and limitations, identifying opportunities for value creation, and rapidly deploying solutions to production using Phaidra's platform and tools.
  • You will work with the product team to identify and define product requirements based upon each customer’s specification and needs. You will work closely with other AI Controls Solutions Engineers and the Product team to ensure our automated tools enable Phaidra to scale across thousands of customers.

*This role can include 25% travel

Key Qualifications

  • Knowledge of chiller plant fundamentals, configurations, and sequence of operations.
  • Understanding of applied thermodynamics for cooling systems, refrigeration systems, and hydronics.
  • Experience designing, programming, or strong working knowledge of industrial and commercial control systems and protocols such as BACnet and Modbus.
  • Deep understanding of data center specific controls and cooling methodologies.
  • Understanding the applications and control strategies of air side chilled water and direct expansion cooling systems.
  • Strong proficiency in working with data center operations teams and contributing to solving field operations related problems and challenges.
  • Ability to analyze the performance and viability of your engineered solutions.
  • Passion for problem solving and using scalable solutions to solve repeat problems.
  • Ability to translate a combination of customer-stated and customer-implied needs into coherent needs documentation for use by the software development team.
  • Good educational background in one or more related disciplines pertinent to your area of expertise. Example disciplines include Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Control Theory, Applied Mathematics and other various engineering and applied science fields.
  • Ability to read and write Python scripts (in collaboration with the software engineering team) to implement Phaidra's AI development tool for customer use cases.
  • Excellent communication skills. Ability to explain complex domain specific concepts to non-domain experts and also explain complex AI and ML specific concepts to non-AI/ML specific customers.
  • Shares our company values: curiosity, transparency & directness, outcome-based performance, and customer empathy.
  • Experience using scrum and agile methodologies.
  • Experience with rapidly prototyping new technologies and converting into commercially viable products.
  • Experience building, owning, and operating your own codebases/services.
  • Experience architecting services within cloud platforms.
  • Experience applying AI and ML in controls applications.
  • Experience with statistics, analytics, etc.
  • Experience with domain relevant optimization problems and solutions.
  • Familiarity with markup languages like Xml, Json, or Yaml.
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