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HVAC Journeyman

Company Overview:

Established in 1946, our client has developed into one of America's premier Mechanical Construction and Facility Services companies serving clients through the full life-cycle of a facility, to include engineering, construction, operations and maintenance. For 70 years, their employee-owned company has provided innovative services that optimize the performance of world-class mechanical and electrical systems that serve healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, sports arenas, mission critical facilities and industrial complexes and other essential institutions.

Their employees, whom they call “Partners” are the heart of their success and what sets them apart from their competitors. FORTUNE Magazine recognized them as one of the "100 Best Places to Work", "Top 50 Training Organizations" and "Top 30 Companies to Retire From" due to our solid commitment to the personal and professional development of each employee.

Background Profile:

Assembles, installs and repairs HVAC systems. Installs these systems according to specifications and appropriate trade and building codes. These systems may consist of pipes, fittings, air handling equipment, control boxes, air conditioning ducts, grease ducts and hoods, ventilators, grills and louvers or other sheet metal products and equipment.


Expertise in:

  • Studies building plans, coordination and engineering drawings to determine work aids required and sequence of installations.
  • Maintains the work area in a clean orderly condition and follows prescribed safety regulations (should support implementation of 6S). Maintains required personal tools, and properly uses all Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and safety equipment.
  • Sets up and operates soldering and welding equipment to join sheet metal parts. Helps plumbers, welders, sheet metal workers or HVAC workers as needed.
  • Inspects the structure and hanger detail to ascertain obstructions to be avoided to prevent weakening of structure resulting from installation of ductwork. Locates and marks position of duct work, connections and passage holes for duct in walls and floors using ruler, level and laser.
  • Cuts openings in walls and floors to accommodate runs of duct using hand and power tools. Assembles and installs sheet metal ducts, fittings and hangers composed of metals such as iron, steel, copper, brass and sheet lead and nonmetals such as fiberglass, vinyl flex duct, concrete ducts and plastic using hand tools and power tools. Joins duct and fittings using screws, bolts, S and drives, flanges, solder, solvents, caulking and weld joints. Smooths seams, joints or burred surfaces using files, portable grinders and electric duct hammers. Sets up equipment to fill duct systems with air or smoke to determine if system is leaking.
  • Installs and repairs air conditioning equipment such as air handlers, VAV boxes, fans and fan housings and similar air conditioning, heating accessories and ventilation equipment. Provides temporary sealing of duct ends and equipment protection.

Exposure to:

  • High School Diploma or GED Required
  • 4+ years as a Sheet Metal Journeyman preferred
  • Trained and qualified to operate machinery such as scissor lifts, aerial lifts, fork lifts, etc.


Our client is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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