Who We Are

At Raymond Search Group, we are the blueprint for success in the construction industry. Just as an architect envisions structures, a builder constructs it, and an engineer ensures its stability, we specialize in crafting the ideal teams that bring your projects to life. With a deep understanding of the evolving landscape within the construction sector, we are your trusted partners in talent acquisition.

Our mission is to connect visionaries with the builders who bring their dreams to life, to bridge the gap between your company and team vision and the talented individuals who can make it a reality.

We understand that in the Built Environment, every project is a testament to the skills, dedication, and expertise of the individuals behind it. That’s why we are dedicated to identifying and connecting you with the right talent – individuals who not only meet your technical and skills needs but also embody your company’s culture and values.

About Raymond Search Group

We solve the most challenging and complex recruiting challenges for our clients, globally.

From actively listening to our clients, to thoroughly vetting and supporting candidates, we take a direct and transparent approach to recruiting. We use a consultative approach to understand our clients’ business goals. As market masters, we understand our niche and can help companies grow and realize their full potential. We help candidates advance their careers, building lasting mutual relationships. Raymond Search Group recruits talent for leading organizations in the areas of: Construction & Real Estate Recruiting, Engineering Recruiting, Architecture Recruiting, HVAC/R Recruiting, Building Automation Systems Recruiting, and Manufacturing Recruiting.

Raymond Search Group is a Direct Recruiters, Inc. company.

Who We Work With

Companies work with us because they’re dedicated to hiring the best people for their company. They’re also tired of recruiters disappointing and disappearing. They’re tired of wasting time shuffling through the stacks of virtual resumes piling up in their inbox from applications and other agencies. They’ve had enough of interviews that go nowhere.

But they’re committed to hiring the best and they’re looking to partner with the right recruiting firm. They want to leverage the intersection of technology and skilled human influence in their recruiting efforts. That’s where we come in. By working with us, hiring managers find a true partner with in-depth industry knowledge who delivers the best talent in the industry.

Our Process

At Raymond Search Group, we treat our clients and candidates with respect. Our approach is direct. Clients tell us about their hiring needs, wants, and challenges. We identify the top candidates who are not looking for a job, but who fit a hard-to-find skillset. We speak to working professionals and they express their career wants, needs, and pain-points. These high achievers are not on job boards, and they’re not applying for jobs online. They’re busy doing what they love. These are the people we approach and entice to sit at your table and engage in real conversations about your opportunity.

We eliminate common pitfalls throughout the hiring process, so that every step of the way there is clarity. After a thorough screening process paired with candid conversations, our recruiters introduce these two parties to each other, and we collectively engage in an honest, profitable conversation to see if there might be a good match. In the end, we provide clients (executives, hiring managers, internal recruiting teams) what they need in the most direct way possible.