Building for the Future: Construction Leadership and Succession Planning

The construction industry is facing a critical challenge when it comes to leadership development and succession planning. As experienced professionals retire and new opportunities emerge, construction companies must focus [...]

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The Role of Project Management in Construction: Building Success From Start to Finish

Construction projects are complex endeavors that require meticulous planning, coordination, and execution. At the heart of this process lies project management, a critical discipline that ensures the successful completion [...]

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Construction Interview Questions That Reveal If Your Candidate Can Give and Take Feedback

Giving negative feedback is a highly sought-after skill from the communication toolbox. Not everyone uses it well, so you should ask well-crafted construction interview questions. LiveCareer points out, “Giving [...]

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4 Traits Needed to be a Great Construction Industry Leader

Day by day, the construction industry workforce evolves due to economical, technological, and societal changes. With the constant workforce transformation is a constant need for leaders to strive for quality [...]

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Here’s Why Self-Leadership is Key to Your Growth as a Leader and Manager

Whether you're the CEO, a project manager, a site supervisor, or on your first day on the job, your ability to lead yourself will determine how likely you are to achieve your goals.

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Focus on Developing These Traits to Improve Leadership Success

Leadership roles in the construction industry are complex undertakings, made all the more challenging because of the upfront costs and time issues associated with completing lengthy projects. 

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How Construction Leaders Can Be Better Interviewers

The selection process involved in hiring new talent is a long, thorough affair including choosing the main requirements needed for the role, reviewing submitted resumes, assessing candidates’ backgrounds, conducting lengthy [...]

What Makes Someone a Great Construction Leader?

Today's construction industry demands that great construction leaders come equipped with well-defined skills. As Digital Builder points out, " Quality leadership in construction is more vital today than ever before. In this changing and uncertain world, leaders must be able to adapt to the times to ensure they are supporting their teams and clients in the best way possible. So what makes a quality construction leader in the current era? Here's a look at the essential skills today's construction leaders should develop to create stronger businesses and remain resilient, relevant, and ready for the future."

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