Here’s Why Self-Leadership is Key to Your Growth as a Leader and Manager

Whether you're the CEO, a project manager, a site supervisor, or on your first day on the job, your ability to lead yourself will determine how likely you are to achieve your goals.

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Focus on Developing These Traits to Improve Leadership Success

Leadership roles in the construction industry are complex undertakings, made all the more challenging because of the upfront costs and time issues associated with completing lengthy projects. 

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How Construction Leaders Can Be Better Interviewers

The selection process involved in hiring new talent is a long, thorough affair including choosing the main requirements needed for the role, reviewing submitted resumes, assessing candidates’ backgrounds, conducting lengthy [...]

What Makes Someone a Great Construction Leader?

Today's construction industry demands that great construction leaders come equipped with well-defined skills. As Digital Builder points out, " Quality leadership in construction is more vital today than ever before. In this changing and uncertain world, leaders must be able to adapt to the times to ensure they are supporting their teams and clients in the best way possible. So what makes a quality construction leader in the current era? Here's a look at the essential skills today's construction leaders should develop to create stronger businesses and remain resilient, relevant, and ready for the future."

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New Company or Well-Established Construction Firm: Which One is Better for You?

A large construction company with an established reputation already has a lot to offer. Workers just starting their careers or providing for their families sometimes find the larger firms more attractive because of their benefits. Additionally, some workers find that they have a low tolerance for risk. Here are five essential perks gained from working with big builders.

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The Differences Between Staffing Agencies and Search Firms

In the world of construction there are generally three levels of recruitment firms including labor, staffing and search. When it comes to investing and finding the best talent possible, not [...]

3 Ways Construction Firms Can Compete For Talent In Today’s Market

In the midst of the Great Resignation, construction companies must be competitive for talent. Over the last few months, candidates have become increasingly mobile, especially at companies requiring leaders to [...]

Investing in Young Leadership Pays Huge Dividends for Construction Companies

If you're looking for ways to grow in the construction industry, you must look toward your investments. They might not be what you think: huge dividends for construction companies come from investing in youth.

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How To Build A Truly Inclusive Workforce

Leadership always starts at the top and trickles down through an organization’s culture, values, mission, and vision and is nurtured by an organization’s employees. A good CEO or senior leader will offer clear direction, advice and motivates a team, but a great leader is one who leads by example. When it comes to building an inclusive company culture - this too starts at the leadership level.

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