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Does Your Company Foster a Sense of Belonging? Here’s How to Be Better

A sense of belonging is when a person feels included and accepted as part of the team. Most of the time, management focuses on diversity and inclusiveness as keys to success in their organization.

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Want to be the MVP at Your Construction Company? Become a Master Communicator!

Everyone wants to be the most valuable person in their respective profession. This goal of being an MVP depends on whether you can become a master communicator.

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For Every 5 Construction Workers Leaving the Industry, only 1 Is Joining the Industry

The unexpected downtime over the last few years has changed how people think about work. Some wanted to spend more time with their family, while others preferred working from home.

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Top 7 Ways Construction Leaders Can Increase Their Employee Retention Rate

Employee retention is a deep concern for any construction company. Searching and training new professional workers costs time and assets while paused long-term projects and lost productivity don’t come cheap, [...]

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The Skills Crisis in Construction is Really a Leadership Crisis

It is crucial that there is open communication between management and employees. The suggestions and feedback provided by employees can help management to understand the problem and find appropriate solutions.

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Here’s Why Self-Leadership is Key to Your Growth as a Leader and Manager

Whether you're the CEO, a project manager, a site supervisor, or your first day on the job, your ability to lead yourself will determine how likely you are to achieve your goals. Your ability to act as a role model to others speaks volumes about your character. You might not be reflecting on your impact and demeanor, but those who work with you are. 

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