A sense of belonging is when a person feels included and accepted as part of the team. Most of the time, management focuses on diversity and inclusiveness as keys to success in their organization. This is not enough to keep workers engaged, but the sense of belonging makes them happy. To be seen, heard, and recognized creates positivity and camaraderie with employees. The construction industry also needs to foster these elements within its company culture to improve employee experience and increase effectiveness. There are several ways to foster a culture of belonging within the company –

  1. Team Collaboration and Trust

Developing belonging among employees alone is not enough – it must also be evident between employees and management. When there is a trusting relationship at all levels, it is easy to accept criticism and take on learning opportunities. When leaders offer their trust and mentorship to their employees, even ground-level employees benefit. It always helps to know that someone is on your side.

  1. Being Accepting and Open-minded

Accepting others and keeping an open mind is the right way to feel included. Seeing different perspectives makes it easier to accept your ideas. You must also examine your beliefs and self-perceptions if you feel like an outsider. You can integrate better if you first embrace yourself unconditionally. Management should foster a sense of freedom for all employees in the company to feel included.

  1. Social Element

The workplace is not only a place of productivity but also a place where employees look for connection and support. The Covid pandemic has created a culture of working from home, affecting the social element of working. Companies must find ways to nurture a sense of belonging even when working from home.

  1. Having a Shared Vision

People feel a sense of belonging when they feel that the work they do is meaningful. Shared goals, values, and purposes contribute to the feeling of kinship. It’s beneficial to your employees and your company to communicate your vision in a motivating way.

Creating a sense of belonging can positively affect employee happiness, productivity, performance, and retention. Some organizations develop a sense of belonging by providing employees with clear goals, professional development opportunities, and the tools they need to succeed. These companies have repeatedly shown to be more resilient in challenging times! Do you work somewhere that does this well?

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