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Construction Leaders: 7 Signs You’re a Bad Boss (And How to Fix It)

The work of an entire company often depends on the loyalty and leadership qualities of the managers and executive leadership. A competent leader directs and supports the staff, while an [...]

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How Construction Leaders Can Be Better Interviewers

The selection process involved in hiring new talent is a long, thorough affair including choosing the main requirements needed for the role, reviewing submitted resumes, assessing candidates’ backgrounds, conducting lengthy [...]

Implementing a Coaching Culture Can Improve Growth at Your Construction Company

Starting a coaching program is no easier than creating a new build. Still, the effort will have a tremendous ROI when improving growth. To improve growth in your construction company, consider implementing a coaching program.

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How to Build a Strong Financial Foundation for Your Construction Firm

Think for a moment about your construction firm's mission and vision statements. Do they talk about building for customer satisfaction or creating safe solutions? Maybe staying ahead of design and construction trends? While your mission statement may inform your market strategy and help define your corporate culture, it's not why your construction firm exists. 

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How Digitization Will Take the Construction Industry to New Levels

Digitization will take the construction industry to new levels only if the right talent is working in your firm. When hiring for the construction and infrastructure sectors, you'll need employees who are comfortable using technology.

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What Makes Someone a Great Construction Leader?

Today's construction industry demands that great construction leaders come equipped with well-defined skills. As Digital Builder points out, " Quality leadership in construction is more vital today than ever before. In this changing and uncertain world, leaders must be able to adapt to the times to ensure they are supporting their teams and clients in the best way possible. So what makes a quality construction leader in the current era? Here's a look at the essential skills today's construction leaders should develop to create stronger businesses and remain resilient, relevant, and ready for the future."

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