A colossal upheaval has changed much of the world. We’ve survived a global pandemic, suffered supply chain disruptions, and witnessed outrageous inflation.

In response, businesses have had to adapt or die. Many companies have closed their doors, while others have reimagined themselves.

What’s the difference in their success? The most successful companies, especially those in the construction industry, embrace disruption and pivot to new strategies that help them reinvent themselves.

McKinsey reports, “The construction industry is ripe for disruption. Large projects across asset classes typically take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80 percent over budget. Construction productivity has declined in some markets since the 1990s; financial returns for contractors are often relatively low—and volatile.

This disruption often comes in the form of technology. Digitalization will take the construction industry to new levels, and here’s how.

 How Digitization Will Take the Construction Industry to New Heights 

Anyone looking to disrupt the construction industry can look to digitization as the catalyst for change. Here are some of the changes to embrace:

  • Time tracking and payroll. Paper time sheets are a thing of the past. They are bulky, time-intensive, and often inaccurate. Digital apps can streamline the process of tracking time and making out the payroll.
  • Live field data. Decisions in the field can be more accurate if your teams have access to real-time data; the benefits are improved decision-making and making fewer costly mistakes.
  • Innovative digital tools. Construction firms are using virtual reality to show customers what the proposed project will look like. In addition, 5D modeling reveals the physical project and its impact on the environment, and high-def surveying and geolocation can improve accuracy.
  • Improved mobility and collaboration.
  • Exciting development in construction materials. Self-healing concrete, concrete cloth, and nanomaterials are poised to change how construction firms build and renovate.

The Top Talent to Make A Digital Difference

Digitization will take the construction industry to new levels only if the right talent is working in your firm. When hiring for the construction and infrastructure sectors, you’ll need employees who are comfortable using technology. They’ll need to be able to:

  • Monitor equipment sensors and conduct field repairs.
  • Manage databases of materials for orders, inventory and disbursement
  • Adapt to wearing — and trusting — safety clothing that alerts wearers to danger.

Your recruiter uses digital tools to assure that they find the top-notch employees you need; your digital tools in the construction industry will disrupt your industry and improve its outcomes.

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