Construction Industry Retention Begins with Optimal Recruiting

The Great Resignation has impacted the construction industry more severely than many other fields. Nearly 200,000 construction workers quit their jobs each month over the final third of 2021 alone. [...]

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How To Support Inclusivity in Your Construction Company Year-Round

As companies work to be more inclusive and diverse in their workforces and customers that they serve - there is always room for improvement. As we all know June is [...]

How To Create A More Inclusive Hiring Process

Diversity and inclusion have been at the forefront of talent acquisition for the last decade, but only recently has it become an integral part of standard recruitment practices. Two of [...]

Construction Interview Questions That Reveal If Your Candidate Can Give and Take Feedback

Giving negative feedback is a highly sought-after skill from the communication toolbox. Not everyone uses it well, and that’s why you should ask well-crafted construction interview questions. 

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The Candidate Experience – Why Every Interaction Matters

Executive search and recruiting is a business that’s all about people and relationships. In the construction industry, talent has always been scarce - which is why creating a meaningful and [...]

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Are You an Expert at Finding, Attracting, and Hiring Top Construction Talent?

Burgeoning growth in buildings has catapulted construction firms into one of the busiest industries. Even rising material prices haven't slowed down residential and commercial projects. Federal funding invests hundreds of [...]

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Infrastructure Presents New Opportunities and Risks in Construction Industry

The construction industry isn’t immune to risk, whether pre-or post-COVID. Building trades have always faced uncertainty and overcome it. Just as every coin has a flip side, so does construction. [...]

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Ways Construction Recruiters Help You Overcome a Bad Hire in the Construction Industry

Construction recruiters understand your pain points better than anyone when hiring. You advertised an open position in your company, read through applications and resumes, conducted interviews, and made an offer [...]

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