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Consider Offering Paternity Leave to Increase Employee Retention at Your Construction Company

Ready to make a difference in the construction industry? Increase employee retention at your construction company by offering a paternity package.

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Construction Provides an Alternative Route to a Success Career

Many people don't realize construction provides an alternative path to establishing a successful career. The construction industry needs talented workers who will be well-compensated for their work.

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Construction Industry Retention Begins with Optimal Recruiting

The Great Resignation has impacted the construction industry more severely than many other fields. Nearly 200,000 construction workers quit their jobs each month over the final third of 2021 alone. [...]

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How To Build A Truly Inclusive Workforce

Leadership always starts at the top and trickles down through an organization’s culture, values, mission, and vision and is nurtured by an organization’s employees. A good CEO or senior leader will offer clear direction, advice and motivates a team, but a great leader is one who leads by example. When it comes to building an inclusive company culture - this too starts at the leadership level.

Three Questions to Ask Before Joining a New Construction Company

Before joining a new construction company, consider where you are in your career. As Forbes notes, “Career growth is a factor many job seekers prioritize when choosing their next career move. If you’re early in your career, you want to build a long-term foundation. If you’re mid-career, you want to fill in gaps in your skills or expertise. If you’re later in your career, you don’t have as many moves to make, so you want to ensure this next job gets you to or close to your end goal.”

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How To Support Inclusivity in Your Construction Company Year-Round

As companies work to be more inclusive and diverse in their workforces and customers that they serve - there is always room for improvement. As we all know June is [...]

Staffing Shortages Causing Stress in Construction Industry

The last two years have illustrated that external and internal stressors in the construction industry are nothing new. Quarantines severely limited production capacity because many workers in the trades had to be on-site to perform their job duties. Long-term absences affected supply and demand, slowing down construction.

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