Many people don’t realize construction provides an alternative path to establishing a successful career. The construction industry needs talented workers who will be well-compensated for their work.

Many people who work in the trades earn more than those with professional degrees. For example, the average salary for welders and plumbers is $43,370  and $59,478, respectively. A starting teacher earns an annual average of $38,617. Additionally, the average college student takes on $28,950 in student debt.

For too long, high schools have pushed college diplomas as the only acceptable or lucrative route to create a successful career. In doing so, schools have ignored a segment of the population who like working on projects, prefer using their hands, and are comfortable using everyday math in various settings. These students have little interest in college and 4-year degrees but find themselves shepherded into industries and jobs in which they have no interest.

Vocational Training in Construction Provides an Alternative Fast Ramp

Employment in the construction trades means good pay and far less debt for high school graduates looking for their next step after commencement. There are many available openings across the nation, too. In 2021, there were 7700+ openings for electricians, 2100+ openings for HVAC techs, 3200+ openings for plumbers, and 3300+ openings for sheet metal workers — just in Tennessee.

While college grads are trying to figure out how they’ll pay their student debt, entry-level construction workers are mapping out career paths that will earn $90,000 a year — or more.

High schools should bring back vocational classes in an effort to teach students that working with their hands is just as satisfying as working with a college diploma.

Final Thoughts Regarding Construction

It’s unlikely that construction workers will face a downtown in the trades industry because demand continues to grow.

These workers are often happy in their chosen careers because of the opportunity afforded them. Many also work outdoors, have immense autonomy in solving problems and end their projects with a strong sense of satisfaction — they built, connected, wired or installed what their clients use.

Estimated at 650,000 empty slots in 2019 alone, the worker gap in construction is still wide enough to accommodate most people seeking steady and meaningful employment. If you’re not sure where to start, your construction recruiter can help you build the career you’ve been looking for, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for something new.

Construction provides an alternative you might find well-suited to your skills.

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