Ready to make a difference in the construction industry? Increase employee retention at your construction company by offering a paternity package.

Nearly half of employers offer maternity or paternity leave to parents who have just had a child or those who adopt. In 2015, only one of four companies offered leave packages to parents.

As men are taking a more active role in raising children and caring for them at home, we’re seeing an increased demand for paternity leave.

How to add a paternity package to increase employee retention at your construction company 

Are you curious about what steps to take when adding paternity leave to your employee benefits package?

Here’s what you must know:

  • Federal law created the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which new parents can use for maternity leave; paternity leave isn’t federally protected, but many large employers offer it. Employees who worked a minimum of 1250 hours the previous year are eligible for FMLA, but there is no guarantee of pay during this period off unless states have mandated it.
  • An employee’s job is protected for twelve weeks, at which point they are expected to return to work.

If an employee requests leave they temporarily:

  • suspend the ability to gain seniority
  • lose vacation and sick time earning privileges
  • do not receive matching 401K contributions.

If you offer maternity leave at your construction company, you should also consider offering paternity leave.

Value of adding paternity leave to your construction company benefits plan

Family leave isn’t just for moms. When you offer maternity and paternity leave for your employees, you’re doing more than giving new parents a little time off.

You’re saying that family comes first in your construction company, and workers appreciate that sentiment. Paternity leave offers:

  • The gift of rest. The months leading up to a new birth are hectic because they’re usually filled with anticipation about the new arrival and anxiety about getting prepared in time. That results in less sleep, but paternity leave allows dad to get the rest he needs, too.
  • A chance to meet and learn about the new addition to the family. Parents, including dads, need time to figure out their routines and establish new schedules before rushing out the door to make it to work on time.
  • Recognition that work-life balance is essential for everyone’s well-being.

Offering parents paternity leave doesn’t mean you’ll be short-handed for three months. You can divide up that employee’s duties and give them to the others on their team, or call your recruiter to find the temp help you need.

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