If you’re looking for ways to grow in the construction industry, you must look toward your investments. They might not be what you think: huge dividends for construction companies come from investing in youth.

As an industry with unparalleled longevity, construction has been building for thousands of years, beginning with masterpieces like the Megalithic Temples of Malta, and it hasn’t stopped. In 2022, some of the most ambitious construction projects include high-speed rail in California, a second Amazon headquarters in Virginia, and Samsung’s semiconductor chip factory in Austin.

And who will build these projects, as well as those that follow?

Our youth.

However, they can’t lead the construction industry momentum until we train them, and that training will have to come soon because many construction managers will soon be preparing for retirement.

How your firm can create huge dividends for construction companies 

The time to focus on youth training is now, and there are four ways to promote leadership growth among construction managers.

Create apprenticeships.

Identify high schools and community colleges interested in partnering with you to build a talent pipeline. Pay a training wage that increases with the apprentice’s growth in skills. As a bonus, create a peer referral program, too.

Look within for leaders.

Even though you may be experiencing staff shortages and increased workloads with less time to get the job done, take time to identify the leadership talent already employed with you. Set them on a construction manager career path and find ways to foster their leadership growth. Design the training program so your leaders-in-training solve real-world problems at your job sites.

Support the mentors who pass on generational learning. 

Your most experienced employees and managers are some of the most valuable resources on your team. Tap into their talent before they retire by pairing the mentors with new leadership and the apprentices coming into the construction industry.

Scale the programs you develop.

Avoid settling for one-and-done leadership growth. You may have solved a problem for now, but the challenges in construction management and findings leaders who can respond to them will become more persistent. You’ll be forced to rise to the occasion or go out of business.

The talent you need going forward

The internal leaders and apprentices you select should exhibit similar characteristics if you want them to be high-performing employees. Look for future leaders who can do these two things:

  1. Share the same organizational philosophy. They must embrace the vision and strategy.
  2. Exhibit the competencies your construction firm values.

By preparing for the future with high-potential employees, you ensure that the construction industry will continue to build for generations to come.

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