What’s your tolerance for change, ambiguity, and novelty?

Before joining a new construction company, consider where you are in your career. As Forbes notes, “Career growth is a factor many job seekers prioritize when choosing their next career move. If you’re early in your career, you want to build a long-term foundation. If you’re mid-career, you want to fill in gaps in your skills or expertise. If you’re later in your career, you don’t have as many moves to make, so you want to ensure this next job gets you to or close to your end goal.”

Joining a new construction company doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience at any career stage – especially if you know how to find what you’re looking for

Vet the firm before joining a new construction company.

While it’s rare to find a company that doesn’t offer career growth opportunities, you might discover that fewer of them are vested enough in professional growth and training opportunities that can catapult your career trajectory.

However, there are ways to ensure that you’ll have the professional support you need:

  1. Define what career growth means to you. Some people find contentment in learning new regulations; others seek more responsibility and leadership opportunities.
  2. Analyze how your resume aligns with the new job you’re considering. An even match might not be the challenge you’re looking for. If you’re missing skills or certifications, you may have discovered further opportunities for career development.
  3. Explore what the job entails regarding current duties and upcoming projects. Then gauge whether the new job will be too easy, an exhilarating stretch or push you too far out of your comfort zone.
  4. Ask why the position is open. If the company is continuously filling positions left open by employees fleeing the scene, that’s not good. However, the open position is a positive sign if its previous holder moved up in the company.
  5. Consider the overall growth pattern in the company. Is there a steady line of departures from the construction firm, or are employees taking on new responsibilities?

3 essential questions construction industry top candidates always ask

If you’re seriously considering switching construction firms, you’ll want to present yourself as one of the top candidates in the industry. Here’s how to do it in three questions:

  1. What career development and career opportunities would you make available to me?
  2. I’ve identified where I am today in my career path, and I know where I want to go. How can you connect with the resources and mentors I need to get there?
  3. Who do you recommend that I talk to pursue my aspirations and ambitions to help this company?

These questions aren’t just for the hiring managers or HR departments. Your professional recruiter is another resource who can match you with construction firms that can meet your career path needs.

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