Shrinking talent pools are one of the most significant challenges for today’s construction industry.

More than ever, organizations seek ways to improve growth and retain their top talent. In addition to making substantial salary offers and promoting professional development, many construction firms are building coaching cultures within their organizations.

Starting a coaching program is no easier than creating a new build. Still, the effort will have a tremendous ROI when improving growth. To improve growth in your construction company, consider implementing a coaching program.

Coaching is an intentional approach to helping employees recognize performance roadblocks and remove them, often without management’s intervention. A professionally certified coach doesn’t tell employees what to do. Instead, they help the employee commit to problem-solving through action and accountability.

How Coaching Will Improve Growth at Your Construction Company

Like any new initiative, coaching requires buy-in from the leadership: executives, directors, managers, and supervisors. This support begins by:

  • Understanding and accepting what coaching is — and what it isn’t. a coaching program is not a “gotcha” initiative. The coach in your organization is bound to strict ethical codes of behavior. Their observations and conversation are not part of an employee’s evaluation, whereas the change in the employee’s behavior can be evaluated.
  • Validating that relationships drive the work. Getting the job done depends on the relationships you build — with suppliers, employees, and customers. Coaching is not different.
  • Setting expectations and eliminating ambiguity. Change and new initiatives can be unsettling. Explain the coaching program and goals in clear terms.
  • Fostering healthy competition. Promote individual and team achievements; celebrate successes toward reaching bigger goals.
  • Allowing for setbacks and encouraging growth. Growth comes from taking one step backward and two steps forward.

Take the First Steps Toward Constructing a Coaching Culture

One of the first things to do when creating a coaching culture is to onboard your new coach.

You can train someone within your organization to become a certified coach, or your recruiter can find a coach for you. Together, you, the leadership, and your coach will:

  • Work with the blueprints, but allow for change orders. Establishing a coaching plan requires setting goals but allowing for flexibility.
  • Pour a strong foundation built on communication. Explain the program and its purpose to everyone in your organization. Answer questions honestly.
  • Frame your goals. You and your employees set the goals for growth.
  • Identify your subcontractors. Who else is available to provide support if an employee needs training or a mentor?
  • Conduct inspections and solve deficiencies. Managers and supervisors must provide job performance feedback at regular intervals.
  • Work your punch list. As a team, identify areas for further growth — and work on them.

An effective coaching program can take years to build within an organization. However, the dividends are high so the investment is worth it.

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