The post-COVID boom for construction salaries continues! Those looking to hire and work in the construction industry will learn why wages are climbing and how to take advantage of the salary growth.

Construction industry employment looks promising for the next several years. Capitol Technology University reports,

The subsector with the highest estimated growth is heavy and civil engineering construction, with an estimated 39% growth. Equipment operators, heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, and electrical power line installers and repairers top the list of positions with the highest expected growth. With an estimated growth of 20%, positions in the specialty trade contractor’s subsector with the most expected growth include electricians, plumbers, and HVAC and refrigeration mechanics.

The growth doesn’t stop here, however. Carpenters and construction laborers will see a 14% increase in employment opportunities. Available construction manager jobs have doubled, and these workers are witnessing boosted salaries averaging $90,000 or more.

Why You’ll Pay More to Hire Construction Workers

Most people assume that COVIDand supply-chain deficiencies hit the construction industry hard, forcing many workers to stay home. That’s only part of the challenge. For several years, workers have left their construction jobs for other work. Other candidates were pushed toward college. As a result, 4 out of every 10 companies are recruiting for open positions. Available positions have resulted from:

  • the hesitancy of forward-facing workers to return to the workforce.
  • fewer workers wanting manual labor jobs.
  • a willingness of laborers to bargain for better work conditions.

To attract skilled and qualified construction workers, you’ll need to pay higher wages and create better employment opportunities. Your benefits package, workplace milieu, and company culture matter to workers.

3 Ways to Take Advantage of the Construction Salary Growth

With the post-COVID boom in construction salaries, recruiters see many ideal candidates flock to this industry. There are three ways candidates can set themselves apart from others seeking the same position, even when sharing the same skillset.

  1. Differentiate yourself with a certification. Yes, you have the skills, but what else can you offer? Laborers, for example, should consider getting an OSHA 10 Construction Safety and Health certification. Hopeful managers and leaders might opt for the OSHA 30 certificate. By obtaining these certificates in advance, your’[e demonstrating your commitment to the job.
  2. Network with others in your industry. Having connections in the construction industry can get you placed in a position more quickly. People are more likely to reach out to workers they already know. Build strong professional relationships with construction leaders, HR directors, and recruiters. They have the inside information on construction salaries and who is hiring.
  1. Keep an open mind. For example, you may be accustomed to residential construction, but accepting a commercial or industrial construction job could open new doors for you.

Hiring and employment opportunities in the fast-growing construction industry await you. It’s time to make a plan to discover them.