Hiring for a job is easy. Attracting top-performing talent is more complex, and how you retain the best talent requires a well-thought-out strategy.

Before posting a job opening, business leaders should first consider who they want to fill this role and how they’ll attract them. High-performing employees outperform average ones by 4:1. No wonder businesses want to hire productive workers.

Although recruiters can bring exceptional candidates to an interview, the candidate will agree to an offer only if this employer will appreciate their contributions.

Understand how the talent market has changed

The need for top-performing talent has changed little over the last few years. Industries thrive because of the employees who work in them.

Thanks in part to the great resignation, what employees value has changed. This switch in employee perspective has forced businesses to consider how they show up in two significant areas:

Employee well-being.

Today’s workforce watched many parents devote their best years to an employer, only to be laid off or asked to retire early. Suddenly, employees who dedicated their lives to a single job were expendable. They were jettisoned from careers without the parachute for which they worked so hard. They paid a costly price, often sacrificing family time and health for the sake of the business.

The next generation entered the workforce focused on finding a balance that benefits the company and simultaneously considers their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Today’s talent finds health and financial wellness programs essential.

Attractive, unique culture.

Every business has a culture, but is yours a stand-out environment that addresses the needs and concerns of its employees? Industry leaders have developed on-site daycare options, provided beverages, and snacks, and offered a bevy of perks.

Recruiters can point to companies that believe in taking care of their employees and offering a unique culture. They walk the talk, and to retain the best talent you’ll have to do the same.

Four strategies to retain the best talent

Attracting and retaining top talent requires more than an attractive salary. In today’s highly competitive market, business owners must sweeten the deal – not by increasing the wage but by widening the perks available for employees to choose from.

Here’s what works:

  • Create career paths and offer career advancement opportunities.
  • Allow flexible time away, whether that means transition time to care for a family member or a few hours to attend a parent conference.
  • Encourage customized benefits packages that include a cafeteria-style insurance plan where employees can select coverage options best suited to their needs.
  • Show your genuine appreciation by immediately recognizing and rewarding talent.

Businesses that cater to their employees with diverse and individualized benefits will discover that recruiters can bring them the high-performing talent they’ll want to retain.