Construction recruiters know a secret about your construction company. How you treat your employees reveals what hiring advocates need to know to help place high-quality candidates in your open positions.

Adopt a Family-First Attitude in Your Construction Company

Companies that place their employees first are the most successful. This statement is especially true in the construction industry.

Imagine a scenario in which a crew goes onsite for a remodeling job. The project manager sends CAD plans to the team leader. The leader meets with the team members onsite. Together, they survey the situation and outline a plan for demolition and rebuilding the structure.

As they work through their plan, the team looks out for each other’s safety, teases each other good-naturedly and celebrates each successful stage with cheers.

When one team member gets a phone call to go to his son’s school, everyone covers his work so he can take care of his priority – his child.

Does this sound like your construction team at work? It should.

Suppose you’ve established an employee-first environment at your company. If that’s truly the case, your employees will be reluctant to leave their jobs for something else. However, when they do move on, filling the position will be easier because people will want to work for you.

Provide Training and Professional Development

Times change. So do technologies, tools, and laws, especially in construction.

Companies that are most likely to survive lean times are the ones that operate the most efficiently. Often, this efficiency results from applying cutting-edge technology on the job site. Next-generation tools, AR/VR, software integration, and green technologies redefine construction practices. Are your employees trained in their use?

Probably not.

Most construction companies offer a meager one to three hours of training per employee per year.

Compare that to the 40-60 training hours provided for employees at Fortune magazine’s “Most Admired Companies in America.”

What training can you offer?

  • Safety updates
  • Building codes
  • Smart technology and tool use
  • Materials and construction
  • Specializations like carpentry, masonry, painting, welding

Best of all, ask your employees what they want to learn.

Construction Recruiter Tips you Can’t Afford to Miss

Recruiters in the construction industry know where the good jobs are, and they know how to attract candidates for the best fit. If you’re seeking high-quality workers for your team, offer:

  • Workplace camaraderie and a sense of family.
  • Opportunities to laugh and have fun on the job.
  • Open channels for sharing ideas and communicating.
  • Employee decision-making for completing tasks.
  • Multiple learning opportunities throughout the year.
  • Specific and timely recognition of outstanding employee performance.

Construction industry employees want to know that their work has significance and their presence at the job site makes a difference. Your willingness to create a great work environment assures them that they’ve made the right employment choice.