Burgeoning growth in buildings has catapulted construction firms into one of the busiest industries. Even rising material prices haven’t slowed down residential and commercial projects.

Federal funding invests hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure projects, and non-residential projects may grow by more than 18%. Residential construction is projected to grow a mere 2% in 2022, but the previous two years witnessed a 33% growth.

These predictions suggest that construction firms must find, attract, and hire top construction talent.

Hiring top construction talent requires that firms reset their corporate culture and expand their search for people to lead their projects.

Resetting the Culture in Construction Firms

Attracting and retaining the best talent in the business requires that you also are at the top of your industry. While experience and skill are essential, company culture tops the list of what drives employees to stay with their employers.

Solid professional relationships drive healthy workplace cultures, but there’s more to the construction industry than the current project. Employees want you to communicate with them and understand that they have lives outside of work.

Knowing about their families, pets, and way of life can help your corporate culture thrive. You’re creating a workplace environment where teams look out for each other and pride themselves on their work. The relationships they build with coworkers keep them together.

Widen the Funnel When Hiring Top Construction Talent

It’s common to search for top talent where we’ve always looked for it. However, if we continue to do what we’ve always done, we’ll get the same results.

Here’s how to widen your search:

  • Avoid relying exclusively on job postings. Long application processes and confusing directions turn candidates away, especially if the process takes a long time. The candidates you’re looking for at used to moving quickly through a digital world. Clunky processes are a sign that you’re not part of that world.
  • Respond to applications quickly. Candidates apply to multip0le jobs, and they’re more likely to respond to companies who quickly recognize their skill and experience.
  • Work your connections. Remember that relationships drive your workplace culture. Relationships are also the best way to attract talent. Network with colleagues, employees, and recruiters to find people to fill your positions.
  • Remain open-minded. Women, persons of color, and those with diverse backgrounds may bring new perspectives to the roles in your organization.

Expanding your search process with an open mind can help you fill the positions for competing in a growing industry.

If you’re unsure where to begin your search, your recruiter can help.