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How To Create A More Inclusive Hiring Process

Diversity and inclusion have been at the forefront of talent acquisition for the last decade, but only recently has it become an integral part of standard recruitment practices. Two of [...]

Labor and Talent Shortage Continues in the Construction Industry – Retention Strategies That Will Help

After facing setbacks like the 2008 Great Recession, the 2019 COVID-19 Pandemic, and supply chain disruptions, the construction industry must strategize for another challenge: a labor shortage. Jobsite notes that [...]

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Prefabrication and Modular Construction Provides Huge Boost to Construction Industry

The construction industry has been one of the slowest productivity sectors of the 21st century. That's about to change, thanks to prefabrication and modular construction. Prefab isn't new; it's been [...]

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Building Industry Struggles with Diversity in Construction – Here’s What to Do About It

Construction recruiters understand that you need to hire skilled workers, but you can't hire anyone. You must hire the best but also keep diversity in mind for construction. Until now, [...]

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Why Construction Recruiters Love Mentorship Programs – and So Should You

Your construction recruiter has one job: finding candidates who are the right fit for your company. Of course, you’ll want your new employee to have the aptitude and skills for [...]

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Why an Incentive Program is Critical for Your Construction Company

Employees are the backbone of every construction company. Their work makes the business successful, or it can sink the organization. Every individual in the organization plays a critical role in [...]

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