Going to the pump is painful.

Who hasn’t noticed that gas prices are up more than 100% in just two years? What you pay at the pump affects every aspect of construction business travel, from driving your equipment to job sites to hotel expenses, meals, and more.

Construction Executive points out, “Most organizations don’t understand their company’s travel spend at a granular level because the details are trapped in various systems, such as the consumer travel sites used for booking. Since reconciling that information is so difficult, companies may understand the total dollars spent on hotels during a calendar or fiscal year, but not the details, such as who traveled the most or which properties were booked most often. Especially when inflation rises, businesses become concerned about the value received for dollars spent. ”

As a result, businesses and consumers are reevaluating decisions impacting travel. The increasing cost of construction business travel is forcing construction firms to make a decision: either absorb the costs or pass them along to the customer.

Regardless of your decision, there are some steps you can take now to save money on your construction business travel.

5 Ways to Save on Construction Business TravelWhich of these five savings tips are right for your construction firm?

  1. Limit your driving when possible. Take advantage of possible teleconferencing opportunities, including meeting with recruiters and potential candidates at job fairs.
  2. Enroll in gas reward programs. Loyalty programs from supermarkets and warehouse clubs offer discounts for purchases, and you may be able to pick up points for other purchases as well.
  3. Use gas apps for greater savings. There’s an app for everything, including where to find the least expensive gasoline.
  4. Lighten up. Decide what doesn’t need to make the trip and leave it behind. You may be carrying more because you’re making fewer trips, but removing unnecessary items use less fuel.
  5. Reduce expenses for shipping materials. Remember that suppliers also must decide whether to pass their fuel costs on to you. Sometimes ordering more less often can save you shipping expenses. The money you save can be put toward construction business travel.

Other travel savings to consider 

Cutting out construction business travel altogether is probably unwise. Instead, consider how you can save money with strategies like these:

  • Seek out regional training opportunities before going national and national before going international.
  • Offer business travel as a perk for those employees who have earned it.

Although it might not be an option for everyone because of distances and recharging delays, some construction firms are switching their fleets to electric vehicles. They find the federal tax credits as appealing as the money they save at the pump.

Until we see a decline in fuel prices, using thrifty ways to save on travel expenses might help the bottom line.

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