Frontline Workers Are Leaving Their Jobs and Joining the Construction Industry

Waves of people across the U.S. that began the pandemic in frontline careers have chosen to seek jobs with better working conditions and more upward mobility like construction.

Cyberattacks Increase Against Trillion-Dollar Construction Industry

No plan is 100% foolproof, but you can reduce the likelihood of becoming a cyberattack victim. Don’t let cyber attacks and hackers destroy what you’ve worked so hard to build by being unprepared and understaffed.

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Diesel Prices Hint to Increased Inflation in the Construction Industry

A professional recruiter can reduce your search time and help you hire top candidates quickly by making firm offers when you find the talent you need. Will your construction firm be one of the organizations that thrive during the increased inflation in the construction industry?

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Ways Construction Recruiters Help You Overcome a Bad Hire in the Construction Industry

Construction recruiters understand your pain points better than anyone when hiring. You advertised an open position in your company, read through applications and resumes, conducted interviews, and made an offer [...]

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Why an Incentive Program is Critical for Your Construction Company

Employees are the backbone of every construction company. Their work makes the business successful, or it can sink the organization. Every individual in the organization plays a critical role in [...]

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Want Great People? Make Your Construction Company a Great Place to Work

Construction recruiters know a secret about your construction company. How you treat your employees reveals what hiring advocates need to know to help place high-quality candidates in your open positions. [...]

By |2022-01-10T04:01:16+00:00January 4th, 2022|Recruiting Talent|

3 Important Areas for Construction Leaders to Zero In

Good construction leaders know how to handle their company’s projects and teams, ensuring everything stays on track. Leaders are responsible for keeping projects on time and on budget, keeping employees [...]

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